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We, the Team of School of Hospitality and Tourism, welcome you all to the region's pre-eminent Hospitality and Tourism Training Institution. The School takes the privilege of imparting knowledge, training students with all its efforts, and preparing students for a successful career in the hospitality industry, which helps them be globally competitive. We also endeavor to develop the teamwork approach, leadership-building experience, and critical-thinking skills in our students. Vision- Our Vision is to provide a student cantered, global hospitality and tourism management education and life experience.


Our mission is to deliver an exceptional quality in curricula, to produce world class graduates who posses integrity and wisdom in preparation for leadership careers among diverse organisation in the international hospitality and tourism industry.

Courses Overview of our School

Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)

Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) is a two years full-time Post Graduation course with 3 Semester (Academics) + 1 Semester (Tourism Industry Exposure).

Bachelors of Hotel Management

Bachelors of Hotel Management (B.H.M.) is four years full-time undergraduate course with 6 Semester (Academics) + 2 Semesters (Hotel Industry Exposure).

Bachelors of Tourism and Travel Management

Bachelors of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) is four years full-time undergraduate course with 6 Semester (Academics) + 2 Semesters (Tourism Industry Exposure).

The courses we offer:

Before you proceed further and get in touch with our best school, it is time to learn more about the courses we have settled for our students. We have divided the courses into
multiple heads to offer you top-notch quality results.

  • The first course in the Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM). The duration of this course is for 2 years.
  • The second course is the Bachelors of Hotel Management or the BHM. It will last for 4 years to cover the right help.
  • The third and final course we have is the Bachelors of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM). Much like BHM, this course is meant for 4 years as well. For providing our students with the apprentice, we have a complete team of highly motivated faculty members with diversified experiences. We are the team of the school of tourism and hospitality, and we are here to respond to any of your queries, just for the sake of providing you with the clarity you need.

Study With Us

We are always proud of offering the best undergraduate, postgraduate and research-based course modules, which are academically rigorous and also anchored to the real world. We are here to deliver a wide range of short courses as well if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to the 4 years course modules from our side. We are here with multiple programs to address: Our career-centric tourism and hospitality management programs are available with a wide range of study options. Each course will offer the right combination of major fundamentals

associated with the field of tourism or hospitality with transferable business skills, as used in multiple sectors.

  • All the programs are here to combine theory with practice. It will ensure that the students remain completely prepared to meet the growing needs of the present job
  • We will take a step further by present the most co-op experience. Here, the students can make complete use of the academic students within suitable employment
  • Our placement policy is noted to be the strongest UPSs of our academic center. It will ensure that the students gain some real-life experiences and have a strong standing in the tourism and versatile hospitality sector.
  • This form of experience is enough to boost your resume and help you to stand out among your contemporaries over here.  The programs will ensure that you become proficient in various aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry, which will later increase your earning potential. So, we at Bahra University will offer students a strong foundation for that career progression now. So, give us a call or email us your queries, and we are here to address your needs with the hospitality and tourism packages.

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